2nd and 3rd Netball lose to Fettes

2nd and 3rd Netball lose to Fettes

Close, but not enough!

2nds netball v Fettes

This was an incredibly exciting and nail-biting game of netball. Fettes started strongly and it really took until the second quarter for us to find our feet. Once we did we played very well. Our defence today was superb with Clara as the star of the show making some fabulous interceptions in the end third and was well supported by Issy at Goal Keep. Our shooting was a little bit tentative but improved as the game progressed with some fabulous work from all three shooters, Poppy, Clemmie and Rose. Hats off to Rose who had to play out of position for some of the game. Josephine impressed at Centre and on the wing and used her long reach to intercept well. A big thank you to Emma L and Izzy A who played a half each for us as we were down a player.  In the second and third quarters we dominated the play and it was really nice to see the girls marking well and using the wings to get the ball up to our shooters.

In the last few minutes Fettes just pulled ahead. After such a close match it was a well-deserved victory for them.

Final score Cargilfield 13, Fettes 15

3rd netball v Fettes

We stared strongly and maintained a lead for the first half of the game. Emma K and Charlotte worked well together at the goal end although as a team we were not as good at marking as we should have been. In the third quarter we let the Fettes attackers away with too much and they started to pull ahead. We allowed the pace of the game to speed up and this meant that it went rather out of control and caused us to make several errors including a few calls for obstruction in the D. Caitlin was our “man” of the match and pulled things together directing the play as Centre for some of the game. She worked tirelessly to move the ball forward and to evade her defender. Bethany also gave everything on the Wing and her footwork was excellent. We have some work to do on our marking and also on our fitness. However, for only our second game of the season there are certainly a lot of things we are doing well. As we left, the Fettes coach commented on how polite and friendly our girls were, which was great to hear.

Final score Cargilfield 5, Fettes 10

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