U11A Hockey beat Fettes

U11A Hockey beat Fettes

A super team performance, girls!

The sun was shining down on Cargilfield today for the second games of the season. The U11A girls’ squad of Athena, Lottie, Olivia, Livia, Emily B, Thalia, Beatrice and Zinnia warmed up practicing attacking and defending short corners. The girls were excited to get started and Fettes won the toss starting with the centre pass.

Both teams started off strong making the first half evenly matched in strength and skill. Cargilfield were passing the ball well and were very strong in defence. The girls set up well defending free hits making it hard for Fettes to get the ball through. In attack the girls had many shots on goal with Fettes goalie saving a number of shots. We had some lovely set plays with Olivia running down the right wing into the shooting circle, passing it to the back post for Emily to finish it off in the back of the net. The girls also experienced their first game with short corners which they executed well in defence.

Athena and Emily had a great game in centre playing strong and making a large number of successful tackles, they dominated in the centre position helping in both attack and defence. Livia’s used her strength and determination to move the ball up towards the goal giving the team many opportunities in the shooting circle. Lottie worked well in attack dribbling the ball up the pitch with power and speed allowing her to have a few shots on goal. Thalia, Beatrice and Zinnia were a force in defence thinking about their positioning and stopping Fettes getting through with strong tackles and sending the ball wide.

Cecilia had a fantastic game in goal making Fettes life very difficult. She saved goal after goal, clearing it wide and away and is awarded player of the match. Final score 4-1.

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