U11A Hockey beat St Mary's, Melrose

U11A Hockey beat St Mary's, Melrose

A super game of hockey, girls!

With a wet start to our bus ride to the Melrose our U11 girls’ squad of Scarlett (GK), Olivia (Capt), Athena, Emily B, Thalia, Lottie, Livia and Beatrice arrived at Tweedbank ready for the games ahead. The girls were all keen to get started and Olivia won the toss to allow Cargilfield to start with the first centre pass. The girls started off slow sharing possession with St Mary’s equally. There was a lot of tacking with balls being passed through the centre of the pitch and it being like a tennis match back and forward. In defence Beatrice and Thalia were working on their tackling and attempting to pass wide, this took a while to set in but when they managed to achieve it they could see the benefits with Olivia, Emily and Athena being able to run the ball up the pitch towards our attacking circle. Emily and Athena had a busy game running a lot between attack and defence. Our set up around a free hit or side line was excellent with the girls working as a team however we need to work on setting this up faster and making sure we are in front of the opposition.

St Mary’s scored the first goal with a one on one with Scarlett, very difficult for her to defend. We then came back stronger with Lottie scoring with a hard hit from the top of the circle making a loud noise on the back board. Both teams continued to work hard. Finally, a second goal by Athena was scored to finish the game 2-1 win.

The girls have a lot to work on for next week especially with a bust weekend ahead with getting into spaces and moving wide, working more as a team and trusting one another, keeping their skills simple, communication and staying in their position so not to tackle their own player.

Today’s player of the game is Beatrice DH for her fantastic one on one with the defence and being a very difficult to get past with strong tackles, Well done!

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