U12 Hockey v Mowden and Craigclowan

U12 Hockey v Mowden and Craigclowan

A lovely afternoon of hockey

U12 Hockey v Craigclowan & Mowden

Won both

On a splendid day tailor-made for a triangular tournament, Cargilfield, Craigclowan, and Mowden Hall converged on the field. Cargilfield kicked off their first match against Craigclowan with an impressive start. Athena P showcased her skills by delivering a superb reverse stick cross to Emily M, stationed at the back post, who effortlessly slotted the ball into the net. The team's dominance persisted, culminating in a brilliantly orchestrated team goal in the second half. Swift and precise passes paved the way for Freya, positioning herself perfectly at the back post, to score. The final score stood at 3-0 in Cargilfield's favor.

In their second encounter against Mowden, Cargilfield replicated their early success. Seizing an early lead, they maintained relentless pressure, ensuring a continuous stream of goals. Though a brief lapse in shape and composure posed a challenge, Cargilfield swiftly regrouped, regaining control of the game. The match concluded triumphantly, with Cargilfield securing two wins and ending the tournament on a high note. Their performance showcased not only their individual prowess but also their exceptional teamwork.

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