U10 Rugby beat Stewart's Melville

U10 Rugby beat Stewart's Melville

What a fabulous game of rugby!

What an absolute treat I had this afternoon, boys, refereeing you! I love dropping down from the senior boys every now and then to see how we are developing our skills in the lower age group, and I was so impressed with the skills on show both with the ball and in defence, and our teamwork too, with everyone working together so well.

Having played SMC earlier in the term in two very tight games, we knew it would be a close game, and for much of the time it was. What impressed me the most was how well we communicated with each other, how we looked to offload the ball and move it through the hands in to the wider channels once we had rumbled down the pitch keeping it tight. We had lots of go forward with Daniel, Archie and Tommy, with some fleet of foot running from Archer, Harry and Arran all of whom the Stew Mel boys found hard to bring down. Hugo ran hard and straight whilst Nick, Ensay and Magnus also made some telling contributions. Their big boy was the danger man and took some tackling, but more often than not we brought him down with some good low chop tackles, but if we let him run he was much harder to tackle, something we improved on as the game went on. Both teams scored plenty of tries, but we scored a few more so emerged victorious!

A super game of rugby which was watched by a large number of spectators and you put on a real spectacle this afternoon. Very well played indeed, boys, and I am excited at seeing you continue to develop over the next couple of years!

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