Importance of Debating

Importance of Debating

Thank you, Mr Chair!

Thank you, Mr Chair….!

One aspect of school life that has continued to amaze me at Cargilfield is the confidence at public speaking. At their age, I was a quivering wreck at the mere thought of speaking in front of the class, let alone be prepared for criticism, demanding of answers and justifying my opinion in front of three year groups! I have nothing but respect for the children who take part in debating and quite envy them in the skills and confidence they will gain from doing it at this age.

This year, the Form 6s in particular, seem to have got the hang of debating pretty quickly (with some Form 6s having actually started when they were in Form 4!). And the motions we have came across last term, and indeed this term, are pretty meaty; certainly nothing to shy away from. But I guess that’s the beauty of Cargilfield children. They are able to get their teeth into such topics because the grounding they are given, both from at home and at school, enable them to understand and formulate ideas on these complex subjects.

Whether being involved in competitive debating, evening club debating, or Wednesday Debating Society, one thing is for sure - we can look forward to exciting arguments and superb delivery of speeches. I have no doubt that the Forms 5 and 4 will look forward to being a part of our Wednesday debates; even more so, if they like to have their voice heard and try their hand at the art of persuasion.

Thank you, Mr Chair!

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