Practising Positivity

Always look on the bright side of life!

It is so easy to fall into a trap of feeling down in the dumps. Especially in the world we live in today, where more often than not, depressing news flashes before us on TVs, phones and computers.

We now know that just a few minutes spent consuming negative news in the morning can affect the entire emotional trajectory of your day. Children are similar in this regard; focusing on negative news can impact the learning/ productivity of learners in school. It is for this reason that we must recognise the importance of developing a positive attitude. Below are some simple steps that may help you and your child find a more positive mindset in your daily lives. As a teacher, I am going to find more time in the school day to include some of the following:

Loving Kindness Meditation

Take some time to engage in meditation. Slowing down and sharing positive thoughts about one another can boost our self-esteem. The four traditional phrases are, “May you feel safe. May you feel happy. May you feel healthy. May you live with ease’.

Helping Others

Think about asking your child to help an elderly neighbour or grandparents. You could make volunteering a regular family affair and help out at a soup kitchen or another charitable organisation.

Recording Awe Moments

Encourage your child to create an Awe Journal. In their journal they can record any sights or moments that they found beautiful or extraordinary. It could be anything, from a freshy baked loaf of bread to a fantastic theatre performance. Can be recorded with drawings, descriptions, poems, etc.

Setting and Achieving Goals

Help your child to set goals and visualise and plan for obstacles in advance. Follow the WOOP approach: Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan. This approach makes it more likely that your child will actually achieve their goals, resulting in confidence and a more positive attitude.

Sharing Positivity

Share positive experiences with your child. Tell funny stories about your day, reminisce on holidays or trips away. Enjoy your time together.

Developing New Skills and Trying New Activities

Recognise your child’s strengths and give them the opportunities to develop them and experience success. If your child expresses interest in a new activity, let them try it out. You could even go along too!

Practising Positive Affirmations

Guide your child to come up with affirmations that are short, positive and present tense: I am kind. I am loving. I am fun. Use them in a playful manner.


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