U9A Hockey lost to St Mary’s

Lots to keep working on, girls!

U9 A Girls Hockey v St Mary’s

Lost 3 -9

The U9As met some very tough opposition in St Mary’s U9As this afternoon. Whilst we had a useful warm up game where Emilie and Isobel, in particular, played very well, we found it very difficult to get the ball past St Mary’s in the proper game. Augus was very strong in defence but St Mary’s scored 3 goals in the first quarter, showcasing their V Drags and J turns to get around our players, calling for the ball and generally keeping much better shape than Cargilfield. One goal unfortunately came off a Cargilfield foot. We were very persistent, however and we never gave up, but too often any successful tackling led to our players not knowing who to pass to, as we were far too close together. We regularly just hit the ball up the pitch rather than dribbling and passing to a player. Anastasia adopted a lovely low and strong position and often managed to get the ball but there was no one obvious to pass it to.

In the second quarter we spread out more and played a bit better. No further goals were scored. In the third quarter we picked up and Emilie and Isobel both scored. Esme who had swopped into defence, took a great hit out and we were unlucky not to score again. In the final quarter heavy rain dampened our spirits and despite Anastasia scoring a lovely goal, we were unable to stop three more from St Mary’s. Hettie was their top goal scorer and she played very well indeed, scoring at least a hat trick. One shot bounced off the side post onto the other side and was then deflected in. It was a very strong performance from St Mary’s and they won convincingly 9 goals to 3.

Well done for your persistence, girls. I was proud that you kept on trying until the end.

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