U13D Netball lost to Fettes

U13D Netball lost to Fettes

Lots of goals and real improvement!

Fettes: 19

Cargilfield: 11

The girls gave a good go at this game as they had to face a strong Fettes team. Amenah and Lyla managed to score in each quarter. Fettes was quick to intercept the ball and get it to Cargilfield’s goal. Therefore, the defence had a lot of work to do with Anne, Lexie and Emilia having to make sure the ball would get to our GS and GA. Rowan and Amalia managed to steal the ball a few times to give it back to their team. Unfortunately, the girls’ motivation and will power, were not enough to win the game. Moving forward, they would need to think faster on their feet and get the ball moving quickly, to avoid giving chances to the opposition to mark them. It would be vital to check where to through the ball as well and make sure the throw has some precision to it to avoid losing balls.

Well done, girl, this was not an easy game and you never gave up!

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